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Review for Beneath Angel's Wings by E. Summers

After reading a blurb on Beneath Angel's Wings posted by the author I had certain expectations for the story. I expected a retelling of a classic plot of two people coming together, fate, true love, a hero and a damsel in distress, etc. We all know the story. Except Beneath Angel's Wings wasn't a new version of the same generic story-line, (the gay version perhaps, or the one taking place in Chicago) it was a whole new experience. The traditional protagonist Adam is so relatable that at every point in his struggle I felt with him and for him, rooting him on. It's been a long time since I have been so emotionally involved in a book, and an even longer time since I have finished a book so throughly mentally exhausted and satisfied. 


With a complex antagonist and a humorous group of friends, I was never bored. Although Beneath Angel's Wings may seem made for a specific demographic there is something in it for everyone.